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Our Timeline and Guide for Your Wedding Invites + Save the Dates

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Our Timeline and Guide for Your Wedding Invites + Save the Dates


Ahhh, wedding planning… the endless to-do list. You have a checklist and it feels like you can never complete it! Or maybe you have 7 different checklists, one for each vendor… lists for days.

And if you are anything like us you have several categories of lists that are all controlled by one master list. (I may or may not have some slight OCD when it comes to list making.)

Today, we have a handy checklist all ready for you on when you ACTUALLY need to send out those save-the-dates, invitations, thank yous, and much more. We will even go into detail if you are planning a destination or a local wedding.

First Things First

First things first, if you haven't already, let everyone know you're engaged! It is such a heart-filling moment to have all of those closest to you be so happy and excited for you on this newest adventure! 

Start with a vision

There are many things to check off your list before it is time to meet for your wedding suite, but one thing we encourage brides to do from day one is to create a vision for your big day. If you don't already have a mood board full of ideas, now is the time to fill it up. (We are loving If you’re not sure how to find inspiration that’s unique with items you love, don't worry! We’ve got you covered in this blog: How to Find Your Wedding Inspo.

But don't fill it with things you kind of like, instead fill it with fewer things you love.

list maker here

I would even suggest making a different board for your main priorities: venue, florals, table settings, and of course paper goods.

*If you would like some ideas, check out our Pinterest boards

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Okay now let's get to your actual wedding paper timeline!


Up first, Save the Dates

Once you have your date and location locked down, its time to send these bad boys out. The range we suggest is 6-12 months before your wedding date. The earlier the better for these - especially if you're planning a destination wedding. In that case, send them even earlier!

We suggest meeting with us 4-6 weeks before you’re ready to send Save-the-Dates out. This allows for plenty of time for a consultation, any revisions and design approval, ordering of letterpress plates, and printing.

Bonus: Save-the-Dates and invitation suites only need one consultation. Its all about the big picture, and how all the pieces work together. And it’s best done if you cover all the elements at once. 

Go ahead and put it on your calendar now - we DARE you!

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Round number two, Your Wedding Suite

At this point, you have all of your vendors booked, all your deadlines in hand, and a full vision of your big day. If you didn't find us until after you sent your Save-the-Sates, don't worry - we’re bummed too, but that means it’s time to schedule a consultation for your wedding suite. Yay!

Wedding Suite

The pieces we suggest including are: invites, reply cards, detail cards, and weekend events. The “weekend events” card might include other wedding related gatherings such as a bridal luncheon or a groomsman golf round. It all depends on what fits your wedding! 

Again, we suggest meeting with us 4-8 weeks before you’d like to send them on their postal way - ideally sending them out 1-6 months in advance. This is really where sitting down with your wedding planner (or us) will help to determine what timeline is best for your wedding. Generally, destination weddings should be sent out much earlier than most stateside weddings. 

If you're running a little behind you can send them as late as 1 month away, *IF* you're having a local wedding where most of the guests live.

Don't forget your thank you cards

You’re gonna have a LOT of thank you’s to write - shouldn’t they look good too? Showers and gifts are on the horizon if you haven't already received a few. Having these in hand really helps you stay on top of writing all those Thank You's before they build up!

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The finale, day-of pieces

These are important items not to put off until the very last minute. Although we can get them to you quickly, you don't want to be worrying about these right before your big day.

These pieces include item such as:

  • programs
  • escort cards
  • table numbers
  • menus
  • favor tags
  • welcome bag items
  • etc 

Day of pieces typically require another chat or meeting to go through the specifics, and really nail down those final pieces your guests will see. 

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We know everyone loves a good free download, so we have just that for you! A simple timeline checklist of when to schedule a meeting and send out your wedding paper goods!

6 Unique Ways to Word Your Wedding Invitations

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One of the most common questions we get from our brides is "What wording should I use." Although there are so many guides about wording out there, today's won't be a regurgitation of formalities or common wording options, but instead unique wording options real brides have used over the years.

We really believe in showing off your personality as a couple through your wedding suite, and this definitely includes your wording from save-the-dates through your thank yous. 

Before we break this down, these are just a FEW of the unique wordings we really like and think stand out from the crowd. If you have something unique as a couple roll with it. Afterall your wedding day is all about you two as a couple, so make it fit! 

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so put it on your calendar

In our eyes, Save-the-Date cards are the beginning of your wedding suite. Everything from save-the-dates through thank yous should be a breath of the same air. So go ahead an have fun and show off those personalities starting here. 

Here are a few examples of some of our favorite save-the-date wordings. Remember you don't need to say too much here! Its main purpose is to let your guest know where and when your wedding will be held.


Our Favorite Unique Wording for Save-The-Date cards:

1. FYI, you have plans...

2. August Twenty Fourth 2019, we're getting married...

3. We'd love for you to join us on...

4. We set the date...

5. Mark your calendar for...

6. We are getting married {month, day, year}. We'd love you to join us.

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On pretty paper

Your wedding suite often contains many pieces in order to communicate everything your guest need to know about your wedding and all the details and events that surround it. For this post, we are going to cover the basics of your invitation, rsvp, and detail cards. However, there are many more items that may be included such as your rehearsal dinner card, brunch card, map + directions, accommodations, etc. 

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and watch us kiss

Your invitation is typically the most formal piece of your wedding suite, but that doesn't mean it has to be stale, boring or common. So here is our take on some fun ways to be a little more formal.


Our Favorite Unique Wording for Wedding Invitations:

1. You inspire us. You ground us. You fill us with endless joy and gratitude. We would be honored and privileged to have you join us as we exchange vows.

2. Because you have shared their lives with your love and friendship we joyfully invite you to celebrate

3. With full hearts we invite you to join us as two love birds become husband & wife.

4. It is because of your love, support & friendship which has guided and inspired us that we invite you to join us as we exchange our vows.

5. Please join us for a weekend getaway in celebration of our marriage

6. {Bride and Groom} warmly invite you to share in celebration of their marriage


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Would you like Fish or Chicken?

Most RSVPs are rather plain and frankly not exciting. That doesn't have to be your RSVP though. We love adding graphics for food choices, or couples who want to know their guests song request.


Our Favorite Unique Wording for Wedding RSVPs:

1. ¿Sí o no? 

2. Happily accepts | sadly declines

3. Can't wait to party at the wedding | unable to attend (and very sad about it) 

4. yes! Woudln't miss it. | no. sorry to miss it!

5. ____ out of ____ guest(s) will attend

6. Yes! We will have our dancing shoes on | No, Sadly we'll have to miss out on the fun

Artboard 1 copy 4.png

or join us for brunch

Although this card is sometimes optional, we find that most of our couples need at least one extra piece beyond the invitation and RSVP. Cue a lovely details card that lets your guest know about your wedding website, where to find accommodations or even some things to do while they are in town. 


Our Favorite Unique Wording for Wedding Detail Cards:

1. Find all the details at:

2. Drinks on us!

3. All the weekend details:

4. Here is the who, what, when, where and why for the weekend.

5. Unplugged and Adults Only

6. A few of our favorite things

If you like a few of the wordings from above, no need to scroll up and screenshot them. We have crafted a download of them here so you can save them to that ever-growing wedding folder on our desktop.

We really hope this guide helped you think about what ways you may make your wedding wording have more personality and less common. These are just a few wording options, during our consultations we brainstorm with each of our brides, and help them find wording unique to them.

Amanda and Melissa

6 ways to keep your letterpress suite on budget

We know. You know. Letterpress ain't cheap. But there are ways to make it more affordable. We're all about showing you how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your dream invitation suite. That's why we created this quick guide for you! (and because we get this question a lot from our brides!)


Here are 6 tips to help get cost down, without skimping on what's really important to you.

Must Haves.png

1. Skip the extras

You know how sometimes you get a wedding invitation and there are 14 pieces that fall out? Cards, bands, additional envelopes... a lot of that stuff is totally unnecessary. Sure, they're fun to look at before they get tossed in the trash, but your guests really only save the invitations. Sticking to the essentials keeps your suite pieces to a minimum and allows your few pieces be more impactful.


Our Essentials Are:

  • Save-the-date
  • Invitation
  • Reply Card
  • Reception Card
  • Thank you note
  • Envelopes (save the date, invitation, reply card, thank you note)
  • Return Address


But you can really get by with:

  • Save-the-dates and Envelopes
  • Invitations and Envelopes
  • Reply Cards
  • Thank Yous and Envelopes

2. Keep it to one color

Remember, even if we just print one color,  your invitation has 2 colors - the paper color and the ink color! Adding more than one print color can be nice, but it isn't necessary, and it is one of biggest ways to reduce cost.

Each color adds a new plate and adds another run through the press. Going from one color to two doubles printing production time, so you can see how the cost can add up quickly. 

If you are sold on a two-color design but want to cut cost, keep the two colors on the invitation, but simplify to one color on the other pieces. Or try using different colored papers.


Your guest will never remember your reply card was one color but your invite was two!

Save The Date + Stamp.png

3. Use a rubber stamp

If your up for a little DIY, a rubber stamp is a great way to save. 

Getting a custom rubber stamp made is a great way to add your return address to all of those envelopes (because trust us - there are a lot of them).


save-the-dates | invitations | reply cards | thank you notes x your number of guest

4. Choose the right stock


Stock is just our word for paper..

So don't let that intimidate you. So many brides worry about picking their paper, but we make that process as easy as possible.

We only use premium stocks, so even our thinnest stock (1 ply) has more texture and is thicker than your average stock. 

We offer 1 ply and 2 ply stocks for our wedding suites. Choosing 1 ply stock for your wedding suite will stretch your dollar the most. 

If you're really loving the thicker feel use it for your invitation, and then keep your details and reply cards on the thinner paper.

Invite + Reply.png

5. Save on postage



We are totally crushing over some beautiful postcards lately, and we think it is such a fun way to send out your reply card. Bonus it saves you money in envelopes and postage! Which makes it much more environmentally friendly.

The reply card is a great place to save some money - they're only in your guest's hands for a short period of time before they mail them back to you.


TIP: We don't recommend save-the-date postcards however because they get damaged in the mail, and won't look as nice on arrival to your guest!!

6. Include your website


Whoever says putting your URL on your invitation is taboo is living in another century. Everyone uses wedding websites for all the info from booking rooms to buying gifts. Including your wedding website URL somewhere in your invitation suite can be a great way to streamline the info you need to print. Which may may mean you can print less cards, or smaller cards, saving you money.

We hope you learned a few ways to make your letterpress printed wedding suite more affordable. If you found this blog helpful let us know what tips you liked most in the comments below.

A Suite Story of Adventure

|story| of this intivation suite:

|venue|: Calor Woodford Gardens

|season|: late Summer early Fall

|feel|:  The overall design of this identity suite was meant to feel modern with a touch of old world. To accomplish this we mixed two different typefaces, a modern san serif paired with an antique, hand-done script. Featuring earthy tones that are reminiscent of the colors seen in late summer to mid-fall. It is elegant and warm, while being informal and truly personal. 

|details|: The final product was a six-page letterpress, hand-bound booklet that contains the invitation, perforated reply postcard, weekend events page, Atlanta hot spots and travel information personalized by the couple. To finish off the booklet, it was wrapped in a sheet of vintage paper that read a quote from E.E. Cummings.

the backstory

For this couple home is not seen as a place, but as a state of being. It’s defined not only by where you are, but more importantly whom you are with. For them, travel is a mirror to their souls. Made up of circumstances, moments, and feelings that are best captured through seeing the world.

Having a handful of mutual friends they couldn’t help but question why they weren’t introduced earlier. They began their relationship by admiring one another’s photos on social media. He would see, and envy, her photos taken on a business trip in London, and she would do the same with his photos taken on a hiking trip through Iceland. Finally, they got together and knew their adventurous spirits had found a match in each other.

This couple has a story rooted in intention and the pursuit of something wonderful and new. From their first weekend trip to Maine and a road trip to Texas hill country, they’re always being called to a new adventure. Their warm souls explored the cold of Alberta in the fall and winters in Rome. They’ve wandered through the lavender fields of Georgia together and have strolled through the ever-spreading grape vines in Bordeaux.

This moment, this circumstance, and these new feelings is their greatest adventure of all. We were so lucky to be a part of telling their story.

This moment, this circumstance, and these new feelings is their greatest adventure of all. We were so lucky to be a part of telling their story.

the consultation

During our first consultation we discussed what palette would be best to tell their story. We decided on an earthy tone reminiscent of the colors seen in late summer to mid-fall. It is elegant and warm, while being informal and truly personal.

The overall design of this identity suite was meant to feel modern with a touch of old world. To accomplish this we mixed two different typefaces, a modern san serif paired with an antique, hand-done script.

We brought an illustrator on board to help us tell their story in a more personal and fun way, so we included small, vintage illustrations throughout the book.


the final suite

The final product was a six-page letterpress, hand-bound booklet that contains the invitation, perforated reply postcard, weekend events page, Atlanta hot spots and travel information personalized by the couple.

Since the beginning of their story began with their admiration for one another’s passion for travel, the cover of the booklet expressed the same sentiment. A printed vintage map of the couple’s favorite travel location that was then labeled with a custom monogram including their initials and GPS coordinates. The GPS coordinates lead to the location of the first kiss they shared.  

A perforated reply card was included within the booklet that mimicked the vintage postcards they had seen while in Bordeaux. It was a perfect way to add a personal touch that made the whole suite even more cohesive.

To finish off the booklet, it was wrapped in a sheet of vintage paper that read a quote from E.E. Cummings. It was then tied with a copper string and letterpress tag that had the date printed on the front. It was the perfect way to introduce their story and invite their guests to experience this beautiful time in their lives from the beginning.

anywhere i go
you go, my dear,
and whatever is
done only by me
is your doing,
my darling
— E. E. Cummings

Why choose local custom wedding invitation designer?

We all dream of our special da. It’s personal and unique to us, so you want it to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. This dream lies in the details.

Ordering wedding invitations online seems like the easier route, right? That is up until you’ve filed through hundreds of pages of premade templates only to realize none of them feel quite like you. After a while, they all begin to blur together and make each one less unique than the last.

An Invite is more than an invite 

It’s important to find a designer who is dedicated to listening to your vision and carrying out your ideas. Every element of your invitation will set the tone for your event. Is it elegant and romantic, or rustic and chic? You get to decide what story your invitation tells.

This all comes through the colors, fonts, and images you choose. At The Impressionist we want your guests to open your invitations and know whose event it is right away. We want to help you think big picture and understand that every aspect of “you” can be a part of this creation.

Skip the uncertainty

The same way a shirt may look different on a manikin, the colors and design you see on websites may look different in person. The setback of ordering invitations online lies in the fact that once you order your invitations you can’t make changes. The last thing you need is to realize there’s a typo on an invite because you had to be responsible for proofreading.

At The Impressionist we will send you proofs of invites so if you see something you don’t like we can make that change. We want you to be a part of the process and have plenty of say in the end result. 

The Nitty Gritty

Inks, fonts, papers, sizes, envelopes, motifts, monograms. That’s a lot of detail that may seem overwhelming to you, but The Impressionist will help you navigate these waters with ease.

We’re going to work around the budget you’ve set. If you see a style you like that’s more expensive than others, but we’ll make sure we achieve the style you want while staying inside your budget.

We won’t limit your vision. Online, factory-made invites can only offer you so many choices. We have artists to fit whatever style you’re going for so no aspect is restricted. It’s all about pulling in the right talent to pair with your vision.

Choosing Local                 

Getting the opportunity to work with someone local is always a great experience. You will be working one-on-one with a designer from beginning to end and will have a true understanding of your wants.

Having someone who will work to accommodate your schedule in any way doesn’t hurt either. Your time means a lot to us, which is why we have a quicker turnaround and are available to talk and discuss details whenever you shoot us an email or give us a call. You’re our main priority and we want you to have a happy forever.

Good news, If you ever need anything from us again we’ll know what you’re all about already! This makes our next time working together even more seamless.