How much does it cost?

Short answer is, “it depends.” Print method, quantity, the number of pieces you order, the paper stock, and a number of other things make a difference to the price. What you should know though, is that your one-hour consultation is totally free, and while we’re great at working within all kinds of budgets, there’s a typical range that our work will fall within. Packages ordered from our albums or that we create custom cost somewhere between $500 and $1200. 100 flat printed invitations averages about $800. The same amount of letterpress invitations costs somewhere between $1100 and $2400 with an average cost of $1600.

Cost is a big deal on your big day (and we get that). Here's another way to look at what we do, in order of most to least expensive.

Have you been dreaming about paper? You’ve got custom options on your mind and have allocated a good portion of your event’s budget to invitations. You’re all-in, and so are we—ready to tell a totally unique story through your paper goods. Cost: $$$$

Are you up for customization, but not starting from scratch? You’re open to seeing a perfect starting point in one of our existing designs or samples but will be excited to elaborate on it, making it your own. Cost: $$$

Will you know something great when you see it? You trust your own eye, but moreover, you trust that if you see a sample invite you love, you’ll go with it, maybe adding just a few personal touches like a different color or type face. $$

Are you on a budget but still want to impress? You’re money-conscious, but still want to create something that will knock your guests’ socks off, and are willing to get creative with materials and methods to figure out how to make an existing design work for you.  $


How long does it take?

We’ll meet for design consultations for an hour each. Everything else depends on the print method you choose, if you select an off-the-shelf design, or if we start from scratch. Orders are typically complete 2-3 weeks after design approval. But we know that sometimes time is tight before your event, so we will always try our best to meet your timeline. Sometimes, that will involve a rush fee. Overall though, organization is important to making sure you get your invitations when you need them. So, we provide a project plan with every order that includes important dates to keep things on track—including dates you need to approve things, so we can keep moving. 


What’s the order process like?

You can place your order during or after a design consultation. If you wait for “after”, we’ll send a few quotes for each of the options we discussed. After that, email, call or come back over to place your order. We’re also happy to answer any questions via phone or email while you’re deciding. After you’ve made your choice, we’ll put together a detailed project description, write up a contract and invoice you for a 50% deposit. That will be due before we start any design work. Next, we’ll send you proofs to check, make edits if necessary, and then, when everything is 100% perfect and you’re happy, we’ll start production. It’s pretty straightforward, but if you ever have questions, don’t be afraid to ask.


How do I make an appointment?

Easy peasy. Book an appointment through our online calendar, call us at 678.922.2848, or emails us at


Can we work together if I’m not in Atlanta?

Yes! Technology is definitely our friend. We’re happy to set up a design consultation via Facetime, Skype, or good, old-fashioned phone call. If you insist, we can also do everything via email, but we’d prefer to hear your voice or see your smiling face for the initial consultation.


What about shipping?

We ship worldwide at any speed necessary.