3 Wedding Paper Trends We Want to See More of

We don't consider ourselves trendsetters or followers, but we keep in touch with things that are inspiring us and designs elements we find ourselves recreating over and over. 

So we will keep this one short, sweet, and to the point.


Our 3 Favorite Wedding Paper Trends

1. Tags

Tags are a quick way to add a ton of interest and personality to your wedding paper. They’re fresh, fun, and are sure to make your guests do a double take! We can include a date, a wedding design element (like a monogram or logo), or a fun quote or lyric. The possibilities are endless!  


2. Maps on Maps on Maps

Gone are the days where you need to print turn by turn directions for all of your guests, and we are loving repurposing the ol' direction card into a keepsake for guests. This isn't a necessarily new trend, but rather one we see standing the test of time.


3. Non-Traditional Wording

Don't get us wrong, traditional wording is fine and dandy, but there is something refreshing about seeing couples inject a little personality into their wedding. If you are not into bold colors or trying something against the status quo, a little fun wording can go a long way.


What are your favorite wedding paper trends? We would love to hear what others can't get enough of!