wedding inspo

How to find your wedding inspo

First of all, stop looking at other weddings!

No, really! Hear us out: Searching for wedding inspo in today's world means scrolling down the rabbit hole of other people's pinterest boards and wedding blogs, right?  But THEIR wedding is not YOUR wedding!

Your wedding day should be unique to you as a couple, which is why we beg of you: PLEASE, stop sending us to someone's else's Pinterest wedding board and instead, let us help you find your own wedding vibe.

Look for inspiration in other avenues - textiles, seasons, locations, and even other events. That way you won't end up with a knockoff of someone else's wedding.

So here we go...


5 ways and reasons to find inspiration without looking at other weddings.

1. Use good keywords

Using keywords that resonate with your style will make your search much more fruitful.

Here are a few ideas for keywords:
- minimalist
- modern
- simple
- elegant
- bohemian 

The KEY here is to find your own keywords :) Don't just use these!

Mix and match your keywords with anything wedding related ("bohemian + flowers" or "minimalist + table settings").

Hot tip: do an image search to get a whole bunch of visuals quickly.

do this.jpg

2. Look at other events for inspiration

There are many different kinds of stunning events - weddings are just one. That means, by narrowing your search only to weddings, you're missing out on so much possible inspo!

A few of our favorites when on the hunt for inspiration are:

  • Birthday parties: even children's birthday parties can be packed full of inspiration
  • Seasonal based events: Bonfires, thanksgiving, harvest festivals (just to name a few for fall)
  • Location specific events: having an outdoor wedding? pair a keyword + outdoor events and you have a whole new page of inspiration.

3. Find color palette inspiration in artwork & textiles

This has to be one of our favorite secrets to developing a killer color palette. Artists know their color palettes, and their artwork is a great way to find unique and beautiful palettes. 

Don't be afraid to get a little specific here either! 
And pay attention to artwork and textiles you are drawn to.


Searching color palettes takes new keywords. Such as:

  • muted
  • rich
  • pastel
  • nude

Search Examples: muted textiles | minimal nude color palette
*if you have a specific color in mind do a little research on more names for it, and then search them.

*our biggest tip here is really avoiding the typical picture with 5 blocks of color underneath them. These are typically not very sophisticated palettes. 

not this.jpg

4. Search your season

Anytime we am digging for some inspiration, seasons are one of my go-to places! 

Go beyond "fall", but rather think about the things during that season you could draw inspiration.

Here are a *few* examples for Fall:

  • Thanksgiving
  • Fall Leaves
  • Pumpkin
  • Gathering

Searches Examples: Modern Fall Event Decor | Modern Thanksgiving

5. Paper inspiration

We know we are a little biased here, but to us, paper is a HUGE deal.

We were on the search for some new inspiration for our wholesale album for Alee & Press, launching soon (check it out, it's gonna be great!), and needed some fresh new vibes before the work could flow out of us.

We didn't want "wedding" or "letterpress" inspiration but rather wanted other influences to show up on our work. 

Cue mad full-out search for all resources! 

We won't give away all of our secrets here, but our search words included some of the following: 

  • typography
  • layout
  • publication
  • branding

Thanks for sticking in there with us...


It is not about finding all of your inspiration outside of weddings, but rather finding it in ways others aren't. 

By searching keywords that represent you the most you will discover more meaningful inspiration. 

Even if your inspiration doesn't paint the whole picture. Your professionals are there to help your inspiration become your wedding reality.


When you search wedding anything, you are looking at the exact same inspiration as thousands of other brides. That's all well and good, but we believe you deserve a day more special than that. 

Sure there are hundreds of thousands of weddings a year, but this is your one big day, look for inspiration others aren't.