Our Most Asked Question


Our most asked question from newly engaged couples is:

how DO WE determine OUR style?

We love to remind our couples that you are NOT starting from the ground up. 


Partner-to-partner Check In 

Take a step back & look at your wedding as a whole: What is your story as a couple? What type of venue are you in? What colors are you drawn to? What do you want your guests to think or feel when they open your invitation? Are you leaning towards a more formal or casual event? Once you have a blueprint of sorts, then we suggest gathering images or creating a mood board to share with us. If you’re not sure how to find inspiration that's in line with your couple style (read: not the overdone trends), we have a handy guide HERE



We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: you deserve a day that’s unique to YOU. 

Our main advice for inspiration searching is only include things you love, rather than having a ton of things you feel lukewarm about. The answers to the questions above & your visual inspiration will give us a perfect starting point to begin translating your style perfectly to paper.

Focusing inward on your stories ensures your wedding paper is truly one of a kind! It’s so easy to fall into trend traps, but we believe you deserve a day that’s much more special than that. Some of the most timeless and memorable wedding suites we’ve designed are the ones that are packed full of personal & sentimental details. 



If you’re not into mood boards or feel totally overwhelmed by the process, that is OKAY! We’re here to be your wedding sherpas — guiding you along the path to stunning wedding paper. We have extensive letterpress printed samples in our studio and can walk you through different styles, paper, and all the options for customization. Sometimes you have to see it to know what it is that you actually want! Our favorite part of the process is figuring out how to string your story along so your guests get exciting little hints about the experience even before they show up at your wedding!

To us, an invitation isn’t a single thing; it’s a story told one envelope at a time. 

Our Dean suite is pictured throughout this post. We’d describe it as modern, playful, & bold. It features a clean & simple layout and uses black ink to create an eye-catching and fun feel. 

All of our Wedding Suites are fully customizable at no extra charge. Pricing only changes if we add additional ink colors or custom illustrations to a piece.