3 Ways to Work in Your Wedding Website

working in your Wedding Website

More and more couples are utilizing a wedding website. They’re a great solution for keeping all the detailed information together and are easily accessible for all your guests. There are three ways we incorporate them most often, but the sky is the limit!


Details Card

An additional card for all your wedding details is always our first suggestion! We see a lot of weddings with events over multiple days in multiple locations and this card is really handy for guests to be able to hold onto to reference for the big weekend. It’s a great catch all for other logistical info as well: think hotel blocks, dress code, transportation, welcome events, etc!


A Tag / Stand Alone Card

A tag or stand alone piece is a great way to inject a ton of personality into your suite & make it feel even more unique! We’ve been incorporating more and more custom tags tied on with thread to match the rest of your wedding paper. Tags are fresh, fun, and are sure to make your guests do a double take. We can also create a smaller card that fits in cohesively with website specific instructions & information. When the sole purpose of this piece is incorporating your website the size can be non-traditional and add a bit of visual interest. We love playing with contrasting colors on this smaller tag/card to make sure your guests notice it! 


Main Invitation

If your budget doesn’t allow room for an additional card or stand alone piece, we can always add your url to your save the date or main invite (or both!). It can be a subtle addition at the bottom of either card. This solution is great for weddings that don’t have additional events outside the ceremony & reception and can keep the suite on the more simple and traditional side!