3 Tips for Keeping Your Guest List Organized


Hello lovely!

We are so excited to share our tips on keeping your guest list organized, but I am going to be honest with you, the real gem of this post is the awesome download at the end! We have spent some serious time testing and tailoring it to help you keep track of all things on your guest list. 

Think about it, by the time you are done you have most likely sent save-the-dates, rehearsal dinner invitations, bridal shower invitations, wedding invitations and countless thank you notes. All of those addresses can be handled in one document. Truly lifesaving.

our three best tips:

1. Customize your list:

Take a moment to consider what information you will need before you start gathering all those guest names & addresses.

Think about things like: 

  • Will you be including inner envelopes with our invitations? (if so, add a separate column for those names)
  • Will you be sending out separate invitations to other weekend events? Think rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon, Sunday brunch. (if so add columns for each, and mark which guest will get what when you add in their names)
  • Know someone who may move between sending save the dates and invitations? Make a column for them so you can check back before the final send-off. 

All of these can save you from having several lists, and so much time when it comes to stuffing and sending out everything. 

2. Track everything

On the download, you will see columns for all these different elements, and you may have even added more from the tip above, but all that setup will be so worth it when you have an organized list that will save you hours! 

Think of this as your command center for tracking all of your guest information. Don't just make a list for mailing, but use it to track who will be attending what and who you will be inviting to which events. 

3. Share your list

This is the most helpful part of this list, in my humble opinion, it not only is so helpful for you to know what has been sent, and who gets what invite, but it is a great tool to pass on to all of the lovely people who are helping you along the way. From bridal showers to thank yous, keeping all of your lists in one location will make keeping things together a breeze. (Well at least a lot more organized and less chaotic)