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We're fueled by a love of paper
and the wonderful stories you can tell with it.


To us, an invitation isn’t a single thing; it’s a story told one envelope at a time. Our favorite part of the process is figuring out how to string your story along so your guests get exciting little hints about the experience even before they show up at your wedding or event.

Designing with us. When you work with us, you work with real designers and artists. People who live and breathe paper, printing and layout every day, and have for about a decade now. So, where somewhere else you might have a salesperson walk you through a book, in our paper studio, you’ll have a partner who is an experienced brand designer work closely with you to make your vision for your event come alive. It’s the little things. 

Just to further prove our cred, we also want to mention that we have an in-house letterpress print studio.


Wedding Stationery

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What’s the order process like?

Our design consultations are hands-on. You bring your big ideas (and little ones), we’ll bring our samples and years absorbing the stories of people ready to celebrate. With all that stuff on the table we’ll make something that’s a fitting reflection of your personality, your event, and your style.

After you've decided to tell your paper story, we’ll put together a detailed project description, write up a contract and invoice you for a 50% deposit. That will be due before we start any design work. Next, we’ll send you proofs to check, make edits if necessary, and then, when everything is 100% perfect and you’re happy, we’ll start our production. 

How much does it cost?

Short answer is, “it depends.” Print method, quantity, the number of pieces you order, the paper stock, and a number of other things make a difference to the price.

What you should know, is that your one-hour consultation is totally free, and while we’re great at working within all kinds of budgets, there’s a typical range that our work will fall within.

Letterpress Suites average from $1,100 - $2,400.
(For 100 invitations, reply card & printed envelopes)

Flat Printed Suites average from $800 - $1,100.
(For 100 invitations, reply card & printed envelopes) 


"Loved working with the Impressionist. Amanda and her team are super creative and brought so many adorable and unassuming ideas to bring my wedding suite to life."
-Trici Garcia

A little bit of background info...

About a decade ago, Amanda drove three days non-stop from Georgia to Northern Canada to pick up the press of her dreams. She then crammed it into her 700 square foot condo, quit her corporate design job, and launched Alee & Press with a line of letterpress wedding invitations and baby announcements. One launch of a wholesale greeting card line and two studios later, the Impressionist was born so inbox-only meetings and long-distance design sessions could give way to face-to-face sit-downs to share the excitement of special days with clients. When she’s not in the studio, Amanda teaches at Atlanta’s renowned Creative Circus.