Why choose local custom wedding invitation designer?

We all dream of our special da. It’s personal and unique to us, so you want it to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. This dream lies in the details.

Ordering wedding invitations online seems like the easier route, right? That is up until you’ve filed through hundreds of pages of premade templates only to realize none of them feel quite like you. After a while, they all begin to blur together and make each one less unique than the last.

An Invite is more than an invite 

It’s important to find a designer who is dedicated to listening to your vision and carrying out your ideas. Every element of your invitation will set the tone for your event. Is it elegant and romantic, or rustic and chic? You get to decide what story your invitation tells.

This all comes through the colors, fonts, and images you choose. At The Impressionist we want your guests to open your invitations and know whose event it is right away. We want to help you think big picture and understand that every aspect of “you” can be a part of this creation.

Skip the uncertainty

The same way a shirt may look different on a manikin, the colors and design you see on websites may look different in person. The setback of ordering invitations online lies in the fact that once you order your invitations you can’t make changes. The last thing you need is to realize there’s a typo on an invite because you had to be responsible for proofreading.

At The Impressionist we will send you proofs of invites so if you see something you don’t like we can make that change. We want you to be a part of the process and have plenty of say in the end result. 

The Nitty Gritty

Inks, fonts, papers, sizes, envelopes, motifts, monograms. That’s a lot of detail that may seem overwhelming to you, but The Impressionist will help you navigate these waters with ease.

We’re going to work around the budget you’ve set. If you see a style you like that’s more expensive than others, but we’ll make sure we achieve the style you want while staying inside your budget.

We won’t limit your vision. Online, factory-made invites can only offer you so many choices. We have artists to fit whatever style you’re going for so no aspect is restricted. It’s all about pulling in the right talent to pair with your vision.

Choosing Local                 

Getting the opportunity to work with someone local is always a great experience. You will be working one-on-one with a designer from beginning to end and will have a true understanding of your wants.

Having someone who will work to accommodate your schedule in any way doesn’t hurt either. Your time means a lot to us, which is why we have a quicker turnaround and are available to talk and discuss details whenever you shoot us an email or give us a call. You’re our main priority and we want you to have a happy forever.

Good news, If you ever need anything from us again we’ll know what you’re all about already! This makes our next time working together even more seamless.  

Your guide to Custom Wedding Invitation Planning Consultations

A consultation sounds so serious, but there’s no better word for it. Unless we make one up: Super sweet celebration preparation. There. That’s better.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand. How do you get the most out of your meeting to decide on what will set the tone for your upcoming event? There’s lots of ways to prepare, and good news, all of them are very simple.

Our Invitation & Stationery planning consultations are hands on. We won't just be looking through albums of designs. We will be pulling your story together by mixing and matching many different visual elements.

Our Invitation & Stationery planning consultations are hands on. We won't just be looking through albums of designs. We will be pulling your story together by mixing and matching many different visual elements.

Let’s start at the basics

Let’s get to know your story as a couple. We are suckers for a good romance and want all the deets. This way we can root our process in how this love came to be.

Tell us your favorite tastes in music, your quirks, hobbies, and nicknames. Anything and everything that will help us get to know you.

Here is a list of things to think about to get things rolling:

-       What parts of your personality to you want to shine?

-       Do you want the focus to be all on you or the experience of the event?

-       What are some things you love and want to include in the invitation? And on the flipside is there anything you dislike (glitter, a certain color, etc.)

-       Do you want to address the envelopes yourselves, with a calligrapher, or any other specific way?

Next, bring in a mood board. Ladies, we know you probably have a strong Pinterest game and hey, maybe your fella does too. Bring in images that resonate with you, random things you like, fun patterns, and colors. This mood board will be a visual representation of everything you like. The end goal is to use this to get a feel for the vibe you want your event to give off.

Not into mood boards? No worries. We will have a lot of visual inspiration here and can help you along the way. Sometimes you have to see it to know what it is that you actually want! That is where are letterpress printed samples come in.

Inspiration & mood boards are the best way to visualize your invitation story.

Inspiration & mood boards are the best way to visualize your invitation story.

Let’s talk details

Before coming in to our Atlanta, GA based studio it will be good to know about how many invitations you think you’ll need. If you aren’t exactly sure just yet, a ball park guestimate is great.

Budgets are never fun to talk about, but it’s a necessary evil and a good idea to start thinking about how much you’re willing to spend before we start planning what sort of paper goods you’ll be needing. Below is a list of possibilities to get you thinking about what fits your event.

            - Save-the-Date

            - Invitation

            - Reply Card

            - Reception Card

            - Thank You Note

            - Envelopes

            - Return Address printing on the back flap of your envelopes

            - Rehearsal Dinner Card

            - Brunch Card

            - Map & Directions Card

            - Envelope Liner

            - Inner Envelopes

            - Website Card

            - Weekend Itinerary

            - Wedding Announcement

Don't forget your day of pieces. We can discuss these at your first meeting or revisit them as your day gets closer and you have finalized all the necessary details we will need.

            - Ceremony Program

            - Escort Card

            - Table Numbers

            - Table Menu

            - Favor Tags

            - Welcome Bag Items


Our Wedding Invitation Suites typically range from $800-$3,000 depending on the quantity, pieces, and print method. We specialize in fine letterpress printing and all of our letterpress wedding invitations are printed in-house. Foil stamping, flat printing and engraving are our other offered print methods. If you’d like to request a quote ahead of time to make sure it’s within your budget we’ve got you covered.

But if this all seems overwhelming, don’t worry, we will be sure to ask you all the right questions to get this thing just right.


Setting a time to meet

At the The Impressionist we want to make this particular aspect of wedding planning the most fun. Be sure to plan our meeting on a day that isn’t too full for you. We are located close to Buckhead, Dunwoody in the Brookhaven neighborhood. We’ll need to set about two hours aside for the initial consultation; sorry we mean super sweet celebration preparation. Feel free to bring anyone with you that you want to be a part of this process, especially if it’s someone who understands your vision. We’ve got plenty of bubbly to go around!

Visit our website to book our first meeting and get started on some pretty awesome custom invitations, announcements or stationery.

Atlanta's New Custom Invitation & Stationery Studio


Hi, hello, it’s nice to cyber see you. We are The Impressionist and we just wanted to give ourselves a proper introduction. The Impressionist is a custom wedding invitation & paper studio located in Atlanta, Ga specializing in beautiful design, high-end letterpress printing & foil stamping. 

These aren’t just any kind of invitations; these are the invites that make you value a piece of paper like never before. The Impressionist curates invitations that deliver a sneak peak into what your guests should expect at your event.

Our favorite thing to do is tell your stories with our work, make them tangible memories, and have some fun on the way. We’re all about finding the perfect way to translate your story into something even more beautiful. We understand your story is unique and you need something to match.

a quick peek into our creative process

a quick peek into our creative process

How does this whole thing work?

Oh! I’m so glad you asked. It’s all about the experience here. In order to curate your narrative so it’s tailored to your vision we like to start by getting to know you. We love having clients come to our letterpress studio space to sit down and get a conversation going over some bubbly or our studio’s seasonal cocktail (oh yeah, we mix up some mean cocktails over here).

We want to hear all about this special moment in your lives and how we can help you bring it to life. We value involving our clients in the creative process as much as we can because at the end of the day this is all about you.

If you don’t know where to start with your vision, don’t worry, we’ll ask you all the right questions to get the ball rolling. If you already have something specific in mind, that’s great, too! We’re here to make wedding planning easier on you and help as much as we can. Our letterpress printing studio is located right on site so we will have hundreds of samples ready to get inspired & show you our printing process along the way.


Why do we do this?

There are thousands of ways to tell a story, but there’s something mystifying about getting all of life’s twists, smiles, and triumphs all onto one piece of paper. This is what we love to do. So let’s crank up the tunes, pour some bubbly, and get started on making this special moment of yours (whether it's your wedding, arrival of a new baby, or your 50th Anniversary Party) into something tangible and timeless.

Give us a ring at 678-922-2848 to set a time to meet with us (we are by appointment only) or schedule an appointment through our website! If email is more your style (or you're not in Atlanta) you can find us at hello@theimpressionistatl.com. We're very quick to respond to emails!

Be sure to check our our letterpress studio website too to see some of our collection designs & we'd love for you to follow us on Instagram at #theimpressionistatl where you can always see what we're up to.